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One-click PGS
The user-friendly server is developed to facilitate discovery for the genetic variants associated with complex traits and diseases for risk estimation.
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Multiple PGS Methods
PGSBuilder employs widely-used PGS methods to estimate the genetic liability to the complex traits and diseases based on genotype profile.
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Extensive Validation
PGSBuilder provides a comprehensive tools for validation of self-constructed PGS models and public models from PGS catalog. PGSBuilder
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Upload your population genotypes.
We will take care of QC, GWAS, and PRS according to the best practice pipeline.
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Ready-to-use PGS results.
We offer meticulously crafted figures and comprehensive data outputs to support your cutting-edge PGS research.
PGS Result
Validate PGS with your cohorts.
You are allowed to use customized testing sample according to your experimental design as well as validate public models from the PGS catalog and imputation.
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User-friendly Interface
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Efficient Analysis Workflows
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Comprehensive Solutions


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